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Oyku's Vision

Staerk & Christensen

Speaking on the creative duo Stærk & Christensen

Marjan 4 SOS

To learn more about Marjan4SOS and SOS Children’s Villages,

AltaRoma Part II

Altaroma Summer 2019: Part II

AltaRoma Part I

Altaroma Summer 2019: Part I

The man of tomorrow

Highlights Menswear Collections SS20

Tommy Ton

Photographer and Creative Director at Deveaux

Parsons Paris 2019

BFA Fashion Design Graduates at Parsons Paris Fashion Show. Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

Selah Marley

Selah Marley’s 'A Primordial Place'

Hyères 2019: Part II

34th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères.

Hyères 2019: Part I

34th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères.

Adwoa Aboah

Diversity can't be a fashionable thing, it should be here to stay

Sons of LA

California Dreamin'

Sigourney Weaver

I feel self-doubt whether I'm doing something hard or easy

Kim Kardashian West

I love when people underestimate me and then become pleasantly surprised

Sharon Stone

Killing isn't like smoking. You can quit





ODDA Magazine's 16th issue is available worldwide and at


Alejandro Gil - Digital Department

David Martin - Editor in Chief / Creative Director

Georgia Tal - Fashion Director

Mariaelena Morelli - Senior Fashion Editor

Jessica Michault - Editor at Large

Alvaro Pereña - Creative Design Director

Laura Martin - General Assistant

Yana McKillop - Fashion Editor London

Taylor FreeMan - Fashion Editor NYC


ODDA Magazine is a biannual, contemporary fashion and culture magazine based in New York and founded by current Creative Director and Editor in Chief David Martin in April 2012.

By speaking out for creatives, artists, philanthropists, gallerists, actors and actresses, models, and people who participate in and nourish culture from an active perspective, ODDA is a platform where self-expression, imagination and dreams are brought to the next level. By discovering new meanings to those feelings, the magazine is also strictly connected to everything that brings excitement and passion. Starting from its very first issue, ODDA was published in the form of a hard-copy magazine by ODDA Ltd., a private media group.

Its editorial line, from the beginning and through the years, portrays menswear and womenswear collections, trends as well as individual creative minds. Every themed issue reflects a statement which shapes all the contents comprised inside every volume. ODDA magazine keeps alive its fascination for strong personalities; people with character and, last but not least, its excitement for the new wave of designers, creatives and talents who are changing the cultural scenario worldwide.

Issue by issue, ODDA aims to connect the simple touch of Fashion with the innovation taking place on a daily basis and a new and striking approach to trends, messages and meanings the industry creates day by day.

The new concept of fashion and what people like to wear is and will always be a matter of tastes, that is why the magazine is fully involved in the fact of reaching out as many as possible in order to give Fashion a universal meaning.


ODDA 16 ‘Mainstream World’
Spring/Summer 2019

ODDA 16 takes you away in a world of sensations where we interrogate the meaning of mainstream. You have the chance to hear different stories of people who realized their dreams, or who are pursuing them now as we speak. Young talents who have a massive following and influence online, but in truth are still figuring out who they are and what they want to do. Everyone has their own view and take on what is inspiring, what makes it interesting is how this stimulus translates into creativity and self-expression.

Therefore, we have chosen those people who provide a fresh approach on the industry, those who step forward, inspire and make dreams happen: Carmen Electra with her timeless beauty, James Goldstein and his iconic Goldstein residence, tastemakers such as Noah Cyrus and Saweetie, artistic talents Leo Rydell Jost and Byun Dae-Yong Do, and contemporary designers Tory Burch and Marco Panconesi just to name a few…

We also included a special feature named Sons of LA, in which past and future blends in the story of ‘celebrity-kids’ such as Dylan Jagger Lee, Kailand Morris and Miles Richie. In collaboration with videographer Paul Herrmann, a series of intimate points of views has been created of the young talents by asking them: ‘What’s mainstream for you?’ which can be found on ODDA’s socials.

Succeeding Sigourney Weaver, we have chosen to feature Adwoa Aboah on all three covers for our 16th issue. Who better to invite readers to discover the protagonists in the ‘Mainstream World’ than someone who constantly pushes boundaries and strives to turn her achievements into something meaningful. One of these examples is her personal initiative Gurls Talk where she offers a safe haven for women that face personal difficulties.

With her straightforward personality, Adwoa Aboah can be admired in three different looks, wearing Prada, GCDS and Gucci, shot by Louie Banks and styled by Georgia Tal. On each cover, she is represented as an unstoppable force with the ability to move people in the right direction.

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ISSUE 16 · Adwoa Aboah
Wearing Gucci · GCDS · Prada.
Photographed by Louie Banks