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Namita Khade, ODDA 20 Garrett Bradley, ODDA 20 Marvin M’Toumo, ODDA 20 Sunil Gupta, ODDA 20 Lamine Kouyaté and Rodrigo Martinez behind the brand XULY.Bët Pixy Liao, ODDA 20 Stephan Lupino, ODDA 20 Tom Mercier, ODDA 20 Derek Blasberg, ODDA 20 Cyrill Gutsch, ODDA 20 Jonas Burgert, ODDA 20 Gelitin - Wolfgang Gantner, Florian Reither, Ali Janka, and Tobias Urban, ODDA 20 Richard Malone, ODDA 20 Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/summer 2021, special ODDA 20 Don't Take It For Granted, editorial ODDA 20 Jesse Wine, ODDA 20 “A Forgotten Ritual” Speaks to the Limitless Powers of Art, ODDA 20 Balenciaga, special ODDA 20 Kris Van Assche in conversation with Brian Rochefort, ODDA 20 Steven Kolb Talks Equitable and Sustainable in Fashion, ODDA 20 Gherardo Felloni, the creative director of Roger Vivier, ODDA 20 Chase Strangio, ODDA 20 Shirin Neshat, ODDA 20 Designer Andrea Grossi is Dressing the Part, ODDA 20 Das Andere Leben, Accessories Spring/Summer 2021, ODDA 20 Gucci Epilogue, special ODDA 20 Chopova Lowena: Punk Folkloric Freshness Lyle Ashton Harris Talks About His Photography Evolution, ODDA 20 Bob Colacello. The life many people can only dream of, ODDA 20 Lucas Puig, Stephen Khou, and Clément Brunel the masterminds behind the brand Hélas. ODDA 20 Priya Ahluwalia. Multicultural background and sustainability, ODDA 20 Pat Boguslawski transforms models into characters that vibrate with life, ODDA 20 Miguel Trillo: Youth Culture through the Ages, ODDA 20 Charles Jeffrey - 찰스 제프리 - Conversation, ODDA 19 and ODDA Korea 1 CHRISTOPHER JOHN ROGERS - Conversation, ODDA 19 ROKSANDA ILINČIĆ - Conversation, ODDA 19 LAURA KIM & FERNANDO GARCÍA ( OSCAR DE LA RENTA ) - Conversation, ODDA 19 EMILIO PUCCI FALL/WINTER 2020-21 - Fashion 360º, ODDA 19 SARAH ANDELMAN - Conversation, ODDA 19 LARRY FINK - Conversation, ODDA 19 Harikrishnan - Profile, ODDA 19 Florence Tétier - Conversation, ODDA 19 MASSIMO VITALI - Conversation, ODDA 19 Prisca Vera Franchetti (PRISCAVera) - Conversation, ODDA 19 ELIZA HITTMAN - Conversation, ODDA 19 MARCO RIBEIRO - Profile, ODDA 19 KEVIN YAGHER - Conversation, ODDA 19 CHIFFON THOMAS - Conversation, ODDA 19 Hyères Festival - PASCALE MUSSARD & JEAN-PIERRE BLANC - Conversation BRIAN GRIFFIN - Conversation, ODDA 19 BEN GORHAM - Conversation, ODDA 19 HARIKRISHNAN - Profile, ODDA 19 MARTINE ROSE - Conversation, ODDA 19 GARY LEE BOAS - Conversation, ODDA 19 CHALAYAN SPRING/SUMMER 2020 WOMEN’S WEAR COLLECTION, ODDA 19 Snoop Dogg & Cordell Broadus, ODDA 19 EVA HERZIGOVA, ODDA 18 ELIOT SUMNER, ODDA 18 ROAN B.STONE, ODDA 18 BIANCA SAUNDERS, ODDA 18 BEAT STREULI, ODDA 18 KERBY JEAN-RAYMOND, ODDA 18 COI LERAY, ODDA 18 MUGLER S/S 2020 SPECIAL WOMEN’S WEAR COLLECTION GARETH McCONNELL, ODDA 18 WELLINGTON GRANT, ODDA 18 TYLER UDALL, ODDA 18 ADESUWA AIGHEWI, ODDA 18 LISA AIKEN, ODDA 18 LEO MARKS, ODDA 18 LISA JANE PERSKI, ODDA 18 SONNY HALL, ODDA 18 NORMAN SEEFF, ODDA 18 ANTONIO VATTEV, ODDA 18 HALL OF FAME, ODDA 18 CDLP, ODDA 18 LACOSTE S/S 2020 MEN’S WEAR COLLECTION ED TEMPLETON, ODDA 18 THE ATTICO, ODDA 18 ALEJANDRA ALONSO ROJAS, ODDA 18 SPORTMAX 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION, ODDA 18 NOEL STEWARD, ODDA 18 ELEANOR ANTIN, ODDA 18 KIKO KOSTADINOV, ODDA 18 CHARLOTTE KNOWLES CAROLINE DE MAIGRET, ODDA 18 JEFF WALL, ODDA 18 POPE.L., ODDA 18 COPERNI, ODDA 18 FRANCES MORRIS, ODDA 18 CASSIDY TONER ANTONIO VATTEV SINÉAD O'DWYER, ODDA 18 AKON CHANGKOU Special Louis Vuitton S/S 2020 GREGORY CREWDSON, ODDA 18 COLLECTIONS SPRING/SUMER 2020 NICOLAS PARTY, ODDA 18 RICHARD QUINN S/S 2020 COLLECTION CHRISTIAN LACROIX, ODDA 18 HAL FISCHER, ODDA 17 MAISON THE FAUX, ODDA 17 KA WA KEY, ODDA 17 Moncler,ODDA 17 HERON PRESTON, ODDA 17 SPENCER PHIPPS, ODDA 17 DUNJA HERZOG, ODDA 17 DANSHAN, ODDA 17 JENNY FAX, ODDA 17 MARCUS LEATHERDALE, ODDA 17 LACOSTE. Fall/Winter 2019-20 ARTHUR HOFFNER, ODDA 17 BALENCIAGA. F/W 2019-20 Womenswear and Menswear Collections ROBERTA BAYLEY, ODDA 17 JONATHAN ANDERSON, ODDA 17 ACNE STUDIOS, ODDA 17 OLIVIER THEYSKENS, ODDA 17 MARY KATRANTZOU, ODDA 17 REJINA PYO, ODDA 17 JOHN SIMONE, ODDA 17 MARINE SERRE, ODDA 17 MARLOU BREULS, ODDA 17 TOM BIANCHI, ODDA 17 VLAD ZORIN, ODDA 17 PATRICK CHURCH, ODDA 17 RUI ZHOU, ODDA 17 BLANCA MIRÓ SKOUDY, ODDA 17 ANNA AAGAARD JENSEN, ODDA 17 DANA NECHMAD, ODDA 17 ROXANNE LOWIT, ODDA 17 VIK MUNIZ, ODDA 17 Vincent Fournier, ODDA 17 MELISSA EAKIN, ODDA 17 EVA & ADELE, ODDA 17 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. THE M's SNEAKER, ODDA 17 KIRK MILLAR, ODDA 17 MATT WOLF, ODDA 17 NINAMOUNAH, ODDA 17 WHAT WE WEAR BY TINIE TEMPAH, ODDA 16 VIC MENSA, ODDA 16 VASILIS LOIZIDES, ODDA 16 THE GUCCI ZUMI, ODDA 16 SUNNEI, ODDA 16 SHOHEI SHIGEMATSU, ODDA 16 SAWEETIE, ODDA 16 QimmyShimmy, ODDA 16 PRADA WOMENSWEAR SS 19 NOAH CYRUS, ODDA 16 Michel Auder, ODDA 16 MARCO PANCONESI, ODDA 16 MAISON MARGIELA ARTISANAL SS 19 Lucas Blalock, ODDA 16 Leo Rydell Jost, ODDA 16 Joanne Leah, ODDA 16 Janet Delaney, ODDA 16 James Goldstein, ODDA 16 Ivan Bart, ODDA 16 Harry Hamlin & Delilah Belle, ODDA 16 Halpern, ODDA 16 Gregg Sulkin, ODDA 16 GIVENCHY SPECIAL SS 19 Gia Kuan, ODDA 16 Ernest W. Baker, ODDA 16 David Croland, ODDA 16 Casey Cadwallader, ODDA 16 ALYX by Matthew Williams, ODDA 16



Berluti Spring/Summer 2021

#ODDA20 Photographer Chris Kontos sea side and sun kissed take on the Berlutti Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

Birkenstock X Central Saint Martins

#ODDADIGITAL The unexpected collaboration between the famous footwear brand and a handful of highly creative graduates from MA course at Central Saint Martins has led to the debut of four new fashion forward Birkenstock styles that have taken the house in some exciting new design directions.

Chopova Lowena: Punk Folkloric Freshness

#ODDA20 Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena, the designers behind the Chopova Lowena brand, are transforming old Bulgarian deadstock into exceptionally rich (and rebellious) skirts and dresses.

BOSS S/S 21 and BOSS x Russell Athletic Collaboration

#ODDA20 Boss’s expertise in tailoring and Russell’s sportswear have dovetailed into a streamlined offering that highlights athleticism, and fit for a symbiotic style.

Alexandre Mattiussi’s Big Heart

#ODDA20 Alexandre Mattiussi is a strong believer in signs, and right now all the signs are saying that big things are in store for a fashion brand built on one simple but powerful premise. Well-made evergreen clothing that you can wear every day of the week.

Harvey Mason Jr.: The Grammy’s Top Music Man

#ODDA20 As the interim CEO and President of the Recording Academy, which puts on the Grammys, Harvey Mason Jr. is on a mission to uplevel the music industry as it faces the new normal.

Omar Ayuso. Broadening his creative horizons with his upcoming short film “Matar a la madre.”

#ODDA20 Spanish actor and director Omar Ayuso is working on his upcoming short film “Matar a la madre”. He not only wrote the screenplay, but he is also directing the psychological drama.

Darrell Britt-Gibson. "I think it’s less of me seeking and more of me receiving what’s meant to be for me."

#ODDADIGITAL Darrell-Britt Gibson plays a young Bobby Rush in Shaka King’s “Judas and the Black Messiah”. The seasoned actor speaks with us on career, family, music, 2020’s effect on the film industry.

ODDA 20 "There Is a Time" Spring/Summer 2021

ODDA 20 “There Is a Time” is the name of the ODDA 20 issue because life is about priorities and where you choose to spend your time defines who you are as a person. This issue celebrates finding the time, finding the answers where you thought there weren’t any, and also reflecting on the importance of what you do, why you do it, and taking a moment to remember why you decided to do it in the first place.

Boxes for Charity: ODDA x Bvlgari

ODDA magazine has teamed up with the renowned jewelry house Bvlgari to create a singular version of the “You, Me and Everyone We Know” issue of the publication for charity.

Tom Bateman is Leading Man Material

#ODDADIGITAL Tom Bateman is quickly establishing himself as one of Britain’s leading actors. Following Netflix’s “Behind Her Eyes” and the film “Death on the Nile”, Bateman is always on the hunt for opportunities that challenge and excite him.

Artists Reflect on Chinese New Year

#ODDADIGITAL To mark the start of Chinese New Year, the Year of the Metal Ox, ODDA reached out to three London-based Chinese artists, Arnaud Lin, Annie Lai, and Zhuo Chen, to reflect on the year that was and what they hope for in the year to come.

Jacob Elordi

#ODDA19 After the launch of Euphoria “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob” January 24, we explore the identity of Jacob Elordi “Nate” in our latest issue. 2020, his passion for photography and where is his career heading.

Behind Grear Patterson’s “Giants Being Lonely”

#ODDADIGITAL Director Grear Patterson and producer Olmo Schnabel talk about their debut film “Giants Beings Lonely,” a coming of age drama that accurately and poignantly portrays the lives of Gen Z Zoomers from the perspective of high school baseball players in the American south.

Jewelry for Charity: ODDA X Tétier Bijoux

Sustainable Jewelry designer Florence Tétier partners with ODDA on three one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry to raise funds for Extinction Rebellion.

Spence Moore is Coming of Age

#ODDADIGITAL Actor Spence Moore is about to have his Hollywood moment. He is co-starring in famed director Luca Guadagnino’s new HBO series “We Are Who We Are”. Here, in an exclusive video interview, he speaks about the project with his co-star Faith Alabi - who plays his mother in the series.


ODDA is launching a tool everybody around the globe would have a direct access to ODDA and get to experience the magazine’s identity in deep from print to digital.

Katherine McNamara Takes a Stand

#ODDADIGITAL Katherine NcNamara’s latest role as Julie Lawry in the television min-series “The Stand”, which is based on the Stephen King book by the same name, pushes the actress in a new direction - the dark side.

Violet Chachki’s 2021 Vision

#ODDADIGITAL To ring in the New Year for ODDA Drag Queen Violet Chachki pulled out all the stops in a series of images shot in the final days of 2020 and she looks forward with hope and excitement about what 2021 holds in store for her and the world.

Back to the Future: Artists Reflect on 2020

#ODDADIGITAL As we come to the end of what was one of the most challenging, heartbreaking, inspirational, and moving years in modern memory ODDA reached out to five artists and athletes to ask them about what impacted them the most over the past twelve months, what their hopes are for the future and what they love most about the holiday season.

Boxes for Charity: ODDA x Coperni

#ODDA19 + #ODDARAISINGFUNDS ODDA magazine and the fashion house Coperni team up to create a box for charity including a bag of Coperni and a Limited Edition of ODDA 19 “You, Me and Everyone We Know” with Drew Barrymore to raise money for Bklynboihood.

Dusan Brown is a Hollywood Triple threat

#ODDADIGITAL Dusan Brown, the young actor, writer, and director talks about his role in the Netflix movie, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” starring opposite Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman. He also opens up about how the Black community should be more involved in the movie industry and what’s next in life for him.

The Evolution of James Blake

#ODDADIGITAL The Grammy Award-winning British singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer James Blake has collaborated with the likes of Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, and Frank Ocean. His newest EP “Before” is a throwback to his London club days, merging 90s hip-hop and dance music with his soul-inflected vocals.

The Method of Colby Minifie

#ODDADIGITAL Colby Minifie has had a busy year. After playing her recurring role of “Virginia” on season 6 of “Fear the Walking Dead” she became a series regular in Eric Kripke’s “The Boys.” And she also landed a career-defining role in the film “I’m Thinking of EndingsThings” by the acclaimed writer Charlie Kaufman.

Mackenzie Davis Makes Her Mark

#ODDADIGITAL Mackenzie Davis is one of those up-and-coming actresses that no matter what role she plays she has a certain gravitational pull. She moves gracefully from sci-fi, action-adventure, or a straight-up drama to horror, a political comedy, or with her most recent film Happiest Season, a rom-com with a coming-out twist.

Asante Blackk

ODDA 19 + #ODDAdigital Throughout 2020, Asante has partnered with Instagram and Youtube in a series of talks with some of his friends and colleges, spreading important messages about freedom, equality, and the future. Therefore we felt Blackk would be the perfect first ambassador for ODDA to collaborate with as we intertwine the worlds of print and digital to create a new bridge of communication, creativity, and community.

수주 - Soo Joo

#ODDAKOREA1 박수주가 세계적인 톱 모델이라는 점은 설명할 필요가 없다. 전설적인 파리 기반의 패션 에디터 카린 로이펠 드의 레이더망에 포착된 이후, 모델로서는 어리지 않은 26세의 나이에 본격적인 활동을 시작했지만, 샤넬, 톰 포드, 불가리, 마이클 코어스, MAC 코스매틱 등 빅 브 랜드의 캠페인 모델로 활약하며 빠르게 입지를 다졌다. 그녀는 샤넬의 첫 서울 패션쇼 메인 모델, 그리고 로레 알의첫아시안어메리칸앰배서더등의타이틀로전세 계패션역사에한획을그은인물이다

Modernity by the hand of Jerry Lorenzo and Alessandro Sartori

#ODDA19 + #ODDAdigital The cross-pollination between designers Alessandro Sartori ( Ermenegildo Zegna ) and Jerry Lorenzo ( Fear of God ) can be seen in all its glory in the capsule collection the two houses have created together.

Finn Wittrock Breaks the Surface

#ODDADIGITAL Finn Wittrock is on a roll. His classically handsome looks and intense gravitas have earned him comparisons to the movie stars of yore. Both of these qualities have been highlighted in a series of collaborations with director and producer Ryan Murphy, who has cast him in a number of productions, from "The Normal Heart" to this year’s "Ratched".

STARTNet at Saatchi Gallery 2020: Minds, Processes, and Experiments

#ODDADIGITAL We dive into StartNet at Saatchi Gallery, the newest iteration of Start Art Fair founded by David and Serenella Ciclitira. The event showcases a plethora of mediums, rich cultural backgrounds, and experimental forms all in the heart of London’s Sloane Square. Hear more about the founders, gallerists, and artists behind the event.

ODDA Korea issue 1 - 코리아 이슈 1

#ODDAKorea is the result of combining our identity as a magazine and that of South Korea. Providing a bridge between who we are with the strong values of the Korean culture. The magazine wants to share our vision of fashion with our Korean readers and hope that it will broaden the creative horizons in Korea even further.

Ronen Rubinstein

#ODDADIGITAL Actor Ronen Rubinstein speaks with Rachel Richardson of The Ocean Cleanup nonprofit foundation about being one of the first ambassadors for the organization, the launch of the company's new line of sunglasses that are made for recycled plastic pulled from the Great Pacific garbage patch, and why Rubinstein's environmental activism plays such a big role in his life.

Drew Barrymore ODDA 19 Limited Edition

While working onto ODDA 19 "You, Me, And Everyone We Know" as well as in our Digital projects during the Covid-19 pandemic early months, we felt the need of creating a Limited Edition of the new issue, where 100% of the Proceeds will be destined to Charity, for those in need due of Covid-19 and in support of small businesses directed by Black creatives.


#ODDA19 We reflect on the current state of sustainability in the fashion industry— successes, pitfalls, and stagnancies— and celebrate the figures invested in making a change.

Impression Sunrise by TEAM WANG

#ODDAdigital After launching in July 2020 and several collaborations with brands such as Fendi or Ray-Ban, TEAM WANG is joining forces with the Art Exhibition happening in Shanghai "Impression Sunrise" by Monet launching a Concept Space with 500 unique packages containing 3 different products by TEAM WANG x MONET.


#ODDA19 An actor, photographer, and voice for the LGBTQIA+ community, Félix Maritaud opens up in ODDA about the strains he takes on from the characters he plays during his career. He perseveres and uses his experience to step outside his comfort zone and empower himself through his sexuality.

Stevie Wonder in conversation with Timothée Chalamet



#ODDA19 British actor Josh O’Connor opens up to director Francis Lee in ODDA 19, with whom he’s worked on the film God’s Own Country, about his feelings on wrapping up a shoot and saying goodbye to his character. O’Connor portrays Prince Charles in Netflix’s hit series The Crown whose fourth season drops on Netflix next month.

Niamh Algar Packs a Powerful Punch

#ODDADIGITAL Niamh Algar stars in the hot new Ridley Scott science fiction drama television series “Raised by Wolves”. The Irish actress, who last year was named one of BAFTA’s Breakthrough Brits, has already made a name for herself for playing strong women who stand up for themselves and know how to throw a punch.


#ODDA19 In less than five years as an actor, Harris Dickinson has played a drug dealer, the scion of Paul Getty, a World War I aristocrat, and a Disney prince. His ability to move smoothly between different eras and genres has caught the attention of top directors and auteurs like Matthew Vaughn, Ruben Östlund, and Eliza Hittman.



DIOR Fall/Winter 2020-21, Maria Grazia Chiuri in conversation with Alicia Keys

#ODDA19 Maria Grazia Chiuri, Christian Dior’s creative director in conversation with singer Alicia Keys about finding ways to empower women, their Italian heritage and the importance of keeping a journal, along side with model Jourdan Dunn wearing Dior F/W 20-21 collection photographed by Malick Bodian.


#ODDA19 SPEAKING ABOUT GETTING INTO CHARACTER, CHAMPIONING NEW VOICES THROUGH HIS PRODUCTION COMPANY, AND FORGING HIS OWN WAY IN THE INDUSTRY. "I’m really interested in cultivating as many different ways of experiencing storytelling as possible."



ODDA 19 "You, Me, And Everyone We know"

#ODDA19 Speaking about plurality, future, family, equality, respect, love... with 9 covers featuring The Wonders, Kai Milla, Kailand, Mandla Morris, Stevie Wonder in conversation with Timothée Chalamet, Josh O'Connor speaking with Francis Lee, Maria Grazia Chiuri with Alicia Keys, Astronaut Jessica Meir and Elizabeth Banks, Harris Dickinson, Jourdan Dunn and Jacob Elordi.

Neith Nyer’s Artisanal Reboot

#ODDADIGITAL Neith Nyer’s Francisco Terra speaks to us on his motivations and expectations behind the brand’s new Artisanal chapter and the debut collaborative “Globe of Death” collection developed amongst the Covid-19 pandemic confinement period.

DUCKWRTH’s Big Dreams

#ODDADIGITAL In conversation with ODDA, South-Central LA native, multi-faceted musician DUCKWRTH discusses a bit behind the creative processes behind his most recent work.


#ODDADIGITAL ODDA speaks to Tom Giles as well as featured artists Tom Goddard, Lizzie Steimer, and Raga Ayala on their contribution to Gile’s photographic book project I’m Horny.

Charlie Plummer Plunges into Madness

#ODDADIGITAL Charlie Plummer is poised for greatness. The 21-year-old actor has already won the Marcello Mastroianni Award for best emerging actor at the 74th Venice Film Festival. He has worked with directors like Ridley Scott and Andrew Haig, and has appeared in television series such as Boardwalk Empire. Up next is a starring role in the film “Words on Bathroom Walls”.

Nisha Kanabar: Helping African Fashion Find its Voice

#ODDADIGITAL Nisha Kanabar, the founder and curator of Industrie Africa, is currently redefining the representation and diverse inclusion of the African fashion world as we speak. She had the fashion beat bona fides to take up the challenge of creating a 360-degree shoppable digital platform dedicated to African fashion, culture, and artisans.

The Many Faces of Mélanie Thierry

#ODDADIGITAL Actress Kate Moran took a trip down memory lane with fellow actress and friend Mélanie Thierry. Together they discuss Mélanie’s unusual start in acting, how inhabiting a character is like giving birth and what it was like to work with Spike Lee on his latest movie, Da 5 Bloods, where she found herself to be the only female actress in the cast.

Actors and Activists: Brandon Kyle Goodman and Kendrick Sampson

#ODDADIGITAL Both actors are using their celebrity status as a tool for activism and education.


#ODDADIGITAL Illustrator Langley Fox’s work taps into very distinct creative depths by focusing on suffering and mental anguish. Through her pieces, she aims to normalize the discussion and portrayal of mental health and eradicate the stigma behind it.

Face to Face with Yuima Nakazato

#ODDADIGITAL Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato took an original approach to the unique challenges this haute couture fashion season presented. Instead of trying to cobble together a collection on his own or craft one out of leftover fabrics from past collections he decided to make the creative process in collaboration with his customers, and he called the project Face to Face.

Hats Off to Rahne Jones

#ODDADIGITAL Rahne Jones, the star of the Netflix series The Politician, is new to Hollywood. But she has already learned that activism and taking action, be that following her dreams of becoming an actor or using her voice for change, is part of the new normal the world needs to embrace.

The Rise and Rise of Fionn O’Shea

#ODDADIGITAL Irish actor Fionn O’Shea first grabbed the spotlights in Steph Green’s Oscar-nominated short film New Boy. He currently can be seen in David Freyne’s Dating Amber and up next is a starring role in the Russo Brothers film Cherry. It’s no surprise that O’Shea’s star is on the rise.


#ODDADIGITAL Capturing humanity and the soul has always been photographer Mathieu Bitton’s goal, which he so flawlessly achieves. There is an unexplainable gleam of truth in his work, as he transforms a photograph from a two-dimensional medium to a dynamic vehicle of pure authenticity through surrealism.

Sun kissed Skin

#ODDADIGITAL June is the Menswear month (together with January) for the Fashion Industry. Castings, rehearsals, shows...this year we are living another reality, but we want to get to know more about five male models based across the globe.

Fashion’s Future Designers

#ODDADIGITAL ODDA made a selection of leading fashion design graduates from top tier fashion schools from around the globe and spoke with each of them about their love of fashion, their unique sartorial point of view and their dreams for the future.

JAKE MANLEY is Making his Mark on Hollywood.

#ODDADIGITAL Netflix’s The Order star Jake Manley talks to ODDA about his journey from filmmaker to actor and his upcoming films Infamous and Holidate.

YOSHIKI: The Life of a Rock Star

#ODDADIGITAL From his home in Los Angeles, Japanese rock star YOSHIKI, discusses all things music, looks back on his favorite memories performing live, working with Bono, will.i.am and Jennifer Hudson on the and “Sing For Life” project and what he has got in store for us next.

JordanLuca: Slow Burn to Stardom

#ODDADIGITAL Designers Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, the duo behind the brand JordanLuca, reveal how they first met, the way they divide and conquer to create a collection, and what they think about the move to transform Men’s London Fashion Week into a gender-neutral virtual showcase.

#RaisingFunds - #BlackLivesMatter

At ODDA magazine we fundamentally believe in equality and justice. We stand alongside the Black Community against racism, violence, and prejudice. We want to contribute to the fight against these systemic injustices and support the organizations that are bringing about the change we want to see in the world.

How is Gemfields Giving Back to Africa?

#ODDADIGITAL Jack Cunningham of Gemfields and Matt Becker of the Zambian Carnivore Program work together to support the protection of Zambia’s biodiversity and local community. These industry leaders in gemstone mining and wildlife conservation talk to ODDA about their best practices in terms of technology, transparency, and social


#ODDADIGITAL ODDA connects with galleries and artists during the COVID-19 outbreak speaking on initiatives to showcase art. Here we speak with the co-founder of The Little Black Gallery, Digital Curator and Associate Director of Saatchi Gallery, Creative Director at Desa Potato Head, and artists alike.


In a new series of #AdayWith for #ODDAdigital we are spending A Day With Kai Milla, Kailand Morris and Mandla Morris at home in Calabasas.


#ODDADIGITAL Rethinking fashion’s new normal with Dazed’s Emma Davidson, Interview’s Nick Haramis and V magazine’s Mathias Rosenzweig

“Up to Something...” with Stevie

#ODDADIGITAL Creating a strong reputation for her authentic taste and love for vintage style, the newfound entrepreneur has created Stevie, a CBD company, to help people manage their body’s responses to stimuli, to face life with productivity, ease, and confidence. Courtney talks to ODDA in the comfort of her home about her most prevalent childhood stories, starting her first company, and where CBD is headed.


In offering our own support, ODDA has also decided to donate all proceeds of its sales taking place via Newsstands.co.uk to the organizations Get Us PPE (U.S.), the Civil Protection (Italy), and UNICEF (Spain).

Sportmax 50th Anniversary Collection

#ODDA18 To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Sportmax produced a special collection putting a modern spin on the brand’s iconic 70s silhouettes. The 15-look capsule collection boasts striking color-blocking and a fresh mix-and-match aesthetic while staying true to the brand’s identity with impeccable tailoring and modern sophistication.

“il Mondo Fuori”

#ODDADIGITAL We speak with Luca Bortolato whose photo series “il Mondo Fuori” examines the TV screen as a shared access point into the world beyond our doorstep and a reflection of the growing anxieties and anticipation during this trying time.

Michelle Elie’s CDG Love Affair

#ODDADIGITAL The one-of-a-kind Michelle Elie opens her closet full of Comme des Garçons pieces in a new exhibition fittingly titled “Life doesn’t frighten me: Michelle Elie wears Comme des Garçons”. An impressive representation of one woman’s lifelong love of Rei Kawakubo’s designs.


#ODDADIGITAL Breanna Box and her boyfriend Peter Dupont use their combined creative talents for modeling, acting, writing, directing, activism and even a dip into furniture design to make their time confined in their London apartment as creative and stimulating as possible.

Demin life

#ODDADIGITAL is a highlight of issue 18 Spring/Summer 2020 with actor Marcus Scribner, surfer Arthur Arutkin, skater Haden McKenna and artist James P. Tsang to model Bobby Brazier, TikTok personality Griffin Johnson, and twin brothers Vova and Valen Volinetts, we look at the content creators of our time and see those who actively shape our culture and reinvent it for the future, connecting with a new wave of consumers and sharing their engagement with the Denim as a timeless trend opening to the Fashion industry a new future.


#ODDADIGITAL #ODDAletsdonate shares the efforts of the fashion community during the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic, presenting the many causes finding support in their actions of relief across the world, with your ability to be a part of these by donation or getting the word out.


#ODDADIGITAL It's time to #Stayhome and we join forces to spread this message with Anna Dello Russo, Julie de Libran, Margherita Missoni, Coi Leray, Giotto Calendoli and Aliana Lohan showing you what to do home and take this time as a productive time. #ODDAstayhome


#ODDADIGITAL Speaking to five of the graduates at Institute of Fashion Design Basel. Some of the most exciting and innovative design talents coming out of Switzerland’s creative scene by way of virtual video on taking their original perspectives to the next level.


#ODDA18 Snoop Dogg and his son Cordell Broadus covers ODDA 18’s Spring/Summer 2020 issue, “What Goes Around Comes Around” because they represent the importance of the cycles in life, the identity and that everything is always "coming back."


#ODDA18 In Fashion Forward: Paris we explore those at the forefront of the passageway in discovering new spheres and possibilities for the fashion industry. A passageway can be an entrance, an exit or in some cases, a revolving door––yet it seems clear that it should always represent a call to action.

Sphere F/W 2020 - FHCM

#ODDADIGITAL The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode has launched a new complementary platform and commercial showroom dedicated to promoting and mentoring emerging designers called SPHERE – Paris Fashion Week Showroom. Here ODDA speaks with designers THEBE MAGUGU, KENNETH IZE AND SADAELS, three brands SPHERE is supporting this season.

Fear of God Exclusively for Ermenegildo Zegna Collection

#ODDADIGITAL Considering the deep identification of expert tailoring from Zegna and Fear of God’s progressive take on streetwear-as-luxury today, the collaboration can be understood to represent, in its fullest potential, a reflection on where we currently are in terms of street wear, the defined “casual wear,” traditional dress as well as the transformation of a man's suit.




#ODDADIGITAL MBFW MADRID OPENING DOORS TO A NEW DECADE FASHION IN THE COUNTRY. This season marks the 71st iteration of the fashion week and it will be taking place at the IFEMA-Feria de Madrid with a program that included 37 national designers and creators.


#ODDADIGITAL ALTAROMA IS THE DRIVING FORCE OF ITALIAN EMERGING FASHION. Aside from holding both established designers and emerging brands within its “Showcase Roma” and “Who Is On Next” endeavors, the January 2020 edition of the Roman Fashion Week, organized by AltaRoma, included a fascinating array and integration of upcoming talent.


#ODDA17 After being a finalist in the 2018 LVMH Prize, Ludovic de Saint Sernin quickly attracted fans and critical acclaim for his signature subtle and sophisticated silhouettes that embrace gender fluidity, queer narratives, sensuality and homoerotic themes. WE SPEAK WITH THE DESIGNER ABOUT THE CREATIVE ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES THAT MAKE UP HIS EPONYMOUS BRAND.


#ODDADIGITAL Pamela Anderson, the internationally-celebrated actress, photographer and animal rights activist, speaks with us about her latest project, a short film titled “How To Fall In Love.” Directed by Canadian director Brock Newman, the film dissects the pleasurable fever of romantic yearning and the sense of possibility it arises in one.

Joonas Suotamo

#ODDADIGITAL Arguably there is no character dearer to the hearts of all Star Wars fans than Chewbacca. Here we speak to the man behind the Wookie, Joonas Suotamo, who took over for the original Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew for THE LAST FILM OF THE SKYWALKER SAGA: "STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER."

Fashion Awards. BFC New Wave creative

#ODDADIGITAL The British Fashion Council and the Fashion Awards represent the uplifting, cultivation, and celebration of creative talent across the board within an extremely diversified and consistently-developing and formative industry. Here we interview three BFC New Wave designers that will be shaping fashion’s future.


#ODDA17 Dries Van Noten is rightfully acclaimed as one of the most important designers of our generation. He is a multifaceted individual with deep sensitivities that are informed by a perspective of extraordinary observance that sees him drawing inspiration from disparate starting points that come together in his work to create wholly original pieces of wearable art.


#ODDA17 Four creative forces shaping today’s fashion magazine field tell us how they view the current state of the industry. Discover what Alexander Fury, Elizabeth Von Guttman, Luke Jefferson Day and Sara Sozzani Maino think the future holds for this global multi-billion-dollar industry as we move into a new decade.


#ODDA17 The world of fashion and sports have more in common than most might think. They are both fields where success is a meritocracy, drive is a key and outside the box approaches lead to game-changing advancements. Here we speak with Mitya Staev, Evan Mock, Sam Salter Marco Mignot and Sam Hurley, five athletes who are playing the game on their own terms.


#ODDA17 As a principal component of ODDA Magazine’s issue 17 "Connections," we are elated to announce the release of an exclusive cover for both China and Japan with Mr​.​ Pierce Brosnan. This expansion is guided by the deep relevance these two territories hold globally–as well to us on a personal level.


#ODDA17 At the Hotel De L’Europe in Amsterdam, a special dinner paid homage to the launch of ODDA Magazine’s 17th issue titled "Connections"–as well to the Dutch label Ninamounah celebrating the special story and interview part of this new issue.

Toni Garrn Foundation

#ODDADIGITAL Long-established fashion model and advocate for education among young girls, Toni Garrn has excelled in her endless commitment to philanthropic efforts via her Toni Garrn Foundation. Its core mission involves the pursuit of fundraising and program development for the education of female youths in Africa.

ODDA 17 'Connections'

#ODDA17 The Fall/Winter 2019-20 issue of ODDA explores the all-sweeping, expansive concept of ‘Connections’ and all this brings to life within us. This is represented in a selection of 6 unique covers that celebrate a devotion to authenticity in practice and the ability to act upon one’s belief in order to provoke constructive change within our societies.

Oyku's Vision

#ODDADIGITAL Explore a first-hand account of model Okyu’s chaotic life during fashion week through her own words and photos. Follow her backstage at the shows, hanging out with friends between jobs and embracing with youthful exuberance in the unique universe of working in fashion.

Staerk & Christensen

#ODDADIGITAL Supermodel Helena Christensen opens up about her multidisciplinary creative studio Stærk & Christensen. Launched with her longtime collaborator Camilla Staerk the studio has become a channel through which Christensen keeps her mind stimulated, her artistic eye sharp and her creative energy flowing.

Marjan 4 SOS

#ODDADIGITAL Marjan Jonkman is ranked as one of the top 50 models in the world. But her beauty is much more than skin deep. A long time supporter of SOS Children’s Villages, a global federation working to protect children who have lost parental care, she has recently been named as an ambassador of the organization.

AltaRoma Part II

#ODDADIGITAL Altaroma presented a new edition of Who Is On Next? fashion competition this season. Listen to jury members Carlo Capasa, Sara Sozzani Maino and Sophia Neophitou talk about what they look for in a winner. Also enjoy an interview with Roman couturier Sylvio Giardina on preserving old haute couture techniques.

AltaRoma Part I

#ODDADIGITAL Organized by Altaroma, a platform known for being a showcase and an incubator for emerging brands, Rome Fashion Week is a meeting place where important players of the industry have the opportunity to know and appreciate closely the expression of the best independent and visionary fashion.

The man of tomorrow

#ODDADIGITAL What the future holds for men's wear has been an endlessly recurring part of the conversation in fashion for quite some time now. With a street wear boom and independent menswear brands having exploded the traditional business model with their "drop" and "collab" mentalities. Today august men's wear brands have to adapt to a new sartorial landscape.

Tommy Ton

#ODDADIGITAL The beloved Tommy Ton–photographer, street-style hero, and Creative Director of Deveaux–describes what it took to come full circle from his longtime inclination for design to where he is today, as well the necessity in representing one’s consumer, and when to use one’s voice.

Parsons Paris 2019

#ODDADIGITAL This year’s graduating BFA Fashion Design students of the New School Parsons Paris presented their capsule collection last week at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. We went backstage and interviewed some of the designers to hear about the ideas behind their final capsule collections.

Selah Marley

#ODDADIGITAL Selah Marley’s "A Primordial Place" is a world conceived by the mind as a calling and made tangible by the many wonders of self-reflection. Here we speak with the promising artist about her work and what it takes to communicate one’s vision in a time of the ever-expansive approach of connecting to one’s identity.

Hyères 2019: Part II

#ODDADIGITAL At its 34th edition, Hyères Festival returns to recognize the best of upcoming names in the industry, celebrating the talent and creative potential of the next generation. The Festival is centered around exhibitions and competitions, showcasing the work of ten fashion designers, ten photographers, and ten fashion accessories designers.

Hyères 2019: Part I

#ODDADIGITAL We sit down with members of this year’s jury, including fashion photographer Craig McDean, jewelry designer Charlotte Chesnais, and photo-journalist Alain Noguès. Watch their full interviews to discover what they look for in a designer and discover some of the best bits from the weekend’s exhibitions.

Adwoa Aboah

#ODDA 16 Adwoa Aboah is at the forefront of a generation that wants to break free from a conventional, rigid way of thinking. She has turned the platform she created as model into something meaningful. In 2015, she founded Gurls Talk, an initiative that aims to create a safe haven for women facing personal difficulties.

Sons of LA

#ODDA 16 Los Angeles is where the American dream of prosperity, fame and success can truly become a reality. Dylan Jagger Lee, Miles Richie, Esther McGregor, Kailand Morris and Myles O’Neal, whose parents already realized their American dream, are all finding their own voices and paving the way for the next generation of dreamers.

Sigourney Weaver

#ODDA 15 Sigourney Weaver is a role model for women across the globe. Not just for the breadth and width of her work as an actress; but also in the way she has lived her life fully on her own terms. If she has one defining characteristic, it is her endless curiosity about the world around her.

Kim Kardashian West

#ODDA 14 Businesswoman Kim Kardashian West opens up to ODDA magazine founder and Editor-in-chief David Martin about living life, raising a family and building a new house all while forever existing at the epicenter of the modern-day cultural Zeitgeist.

Sharon Stone

#ODDA 14 Sharon Stone is a straight-talking, no-nonsense woman who is fully aware of who she is and the effect she has on people. Her power is palpable and her courage and strength soak through the big screen. She is a Hollywood role model for activism, female empowerment and, quite frankly, looking sexy for decades.



"There Is a Time"

ODDA Magazine's 20th issue is available worldwide and at Newsstand.co.uk.


David Martin - Editor in Chief / Creative Director

Georgia Tal - Fashion Director

Mariaelena Morelli - Senior Fashion Editor

Jessica Michault - Editor at Large and Senior Editor

Yana McKillop - Fashion Editor London

Laura Martin - General Assistant


ODDA Magazine is a biannual, contemporary fashion and culture magazine and founded by current Creative Director and Editor in Chief David Martin in April 2012.

By speaking out for creatives, artists, philanthropists, gallerists, actors and actresses, models, and people who participate in and nourish culture from an active perspective, ODDA is a platform where self-expression, imagination and dreams are brought to the next level. By discovering new meanings to those feelings, the magazine is also strictly connected to everything that brings excitement and passion. Starting from its very first issue, ODDA was published in the form of a hard-copy magazine by ODDA Ltd., a private media group.

Its editorial line, from the beginning and through the years, portrays menswear and womenswear collections, trends as well as individual creative minds. Every themed issue reflects a statement which shapes all the contents comprised inside every volume. ODDA magazine keeps alive its fascination for strong personalities; people with character and, last but not least, its excitement for the new wave of designers, creatives and talents who are changing the cultural scenario worldwide.

Issue by issue, ODDA aims to connect the simple touch of Fashion with the innovation taking place on a daily basis and a new and striking approach to trends, messages and meanings the industry creates day by day.

The new concept of fashion and what people like to wear is and will always be a matter of tastes, that is why the magazine is fully involved in the fact of reaching out as many as possible in order to give Fashion a universal meaning.

ISSUE 20 S/S 21

The ODDA 20 Spring/Summer 2021 issue, “There Is a Time” features 8 different covers that celebrate friendship, roots, identity, and memories. Each of them are also connected to the personal experiences and reflections of the members of the ODDA team. 

March 3rd has been chosen as the launch date because it coincides with the birthday of ODDA’s founder, creative director, and editor-in-chiefeditor in chief, David Martin. ODDA is a celebration of “YOU” as a human being and with that in mind, it was important to David that he too revealsreveal more of himself to his readers. 

The covers of this issue display dual points of view of each cover star. They mix together innocence, tastes, personality, and fashion all into the same conversation. Actress Andie MacDowell was photographed in Canada while filming her new Netflix television series “Maid” alongside her daughter Margaret Qualley. In our pages, we portray Andie as the resilient real woman she is, someone strong enough to speak openly about her own fears and self-doubtsself doubts in a moving conversation with the acclaimed novelist Anne Lamott.

Actor, writer, and director Omar Ayuso, is considered by many to be the future of the Spanish cinema. He is currently finishing his first short film “Matar a la madre” and this issue of ODDA marks Omar’s first-everfirst ever cover story. Omar is also in conversation with the director of “The Father” Florian Zeller.

Model and philanthropist, Marjan Jonkman, is using her high-profilehigh profile career as a platform to bring more awareness to the need for diversity in the fashion industry. She is also a longtime supporter of S.O.S Children Villages,  an organization focused on supporting children without parental care and families at risk.
Ellery Harper is the face of the next generation of multifaceted creatives. The son of actress, Laura Dern, and musician, Ben Harper, Ellery, is taking his first decisive steps into his own creative power with the recent release of his first EP Lost at Sea.” His cover shoot in Malibu, California marks a career first for the artist.

This issue of ODDA is all about honoring and celebrating “YOU” as a human being, extolling what you enjoy doing every dayeveryday, the small routines that make you smile as well as those dreams or plans you discuss with your friends, lovers, or family. ODDA 20 is about finding the time and finding the answers when you thought there weren’t any. It’s about reflecting on the importance of what you do, why you do it, and taking a moment to remember why you decided to do it in the first place.

In this issue, we had the pleasure of speaking with designer Kris Van Assche about the connection between identity and dreams. Artists Sunil Gupta and Bob Colacello take us back to the 70s, 80s, and 90s, not just visually but they also unpack those era’s messages about human rights, fighting for freedom, and other memories that we should keep in mind as we move forward. There are also powerful conversations with the fashion talents of tomorrow such as Namita Khade or a reference in the British scene, Richard Malone. Designers whose pursuit of sustainability and craftsmanship will lead the way in helping our industry provide a brighter future for our planet, give a sense of purpose to consumers, and imbue each piece with a higher intrinsic value. We also sat down with Derek Blasberg, the head of fashion and beauty partnerships at YouTube, to learn more about the value of storytelling when it comes to how we communicate our narratives on social media platforms. While Harvey Mason Jr., the chairman of The Recording Academy, which is famous for the annual Grammy Awards, discussed the powerful role music has played in the past year and the overarching challenges the music industry is facing.

We also explored the world of Balenciaga and how you can see it through your own eyes, the expansion of the inclusive AMI Paris label, and the future vision of Louis Vuitton. We examined the idea of the modern “suit” approach that is taking hold in the new generation of designers, working with brands like Boss to explore the blended evolution of dressing, where elegance and casual wear mix, and how you dress is defined by who you are.

“There Is a Time” for yourself, for him, her, they, us, them as well as for changes, pursuing dreams, making goals, exploring possibilities, but also crying…


19th"You, Me, And Everyone We know"
18th“What Goes Around, Comes Around”
14thQueen Be
13thBe Major
12th5th Anniversary


Andie MacDowell cover #1
in conversation with ANNE LAMOTT
Photographed by JUSTIN ARANHA. Wearing MIU MIU.

Andie MacDowell cover #2
in conversation with ANNE LAMOTT
Photographed by JUSTIN ARANHA. Wearing VERSACE.

Omar Ayuso cover #1
in conversation with FLORIAN ZELLER
Photographed by IÑIGO AWEWAVE. Wearing BERLUTI.

Omar Ayuso cover #2
in conversation with FLORIAN ZELLER
Photographed by IÑIGO AWEWAVE. Wearing LOEWE.

Marjan Jonkman cover #1
Photographed by FERRY VAN DER NAT. Wearing MIU MIU and ROGER VIVIER.

Marjan Jonkman cover #2
Photographed by FERRY VAN DER NAT. Wearing ETRO.

Ellery Haper cover #1
Photographed by RYAN PFLUGER. Wearing AMI PARIS.

Ellery Harper cover #2
Photographed by RYAN PFLUGER. Wearing BALENCIAGA.