ODDA Magazine's 15th issue LOOKING FORWARD

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For the very first time since ODDA launched, back in 2012, ODDA has featured a single protagonist on all three covers. The iconic actress, soul and forever young Sigourney Weaver photographed by Jens Ingvarsson, styled by Georgia Tal and creative direction by David Martin.

Sigourney is wearing Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, GCDS and Mulberry, providing a contemporary point of view of Fashion keeping an eye in the past, and always looking for the future to come!




ODDA 15, LOOKING FORWARD - Some people believe the past is the past and one should never look back, but that is not a universal truth. The past provides oneself with tools or even sends small messages of what to do or not in order to look forward.


What History has taught us over the years, and specifically in the fashion industry, is to observe and never take things for granted. Instead, it is exploring, fighting and reaching elsewhere that really generates an emotion in one's soul.


A new wave of creatives fully approach what is next without forgetting history and maintain respect for our predecessors.


As for the magazine, ODDA 15 represents a step forward closely connected to our own key codes. A crucial part of our short editorial plight. This issue is the one aiming to push for personality and people connected with passions, to those who are eager and looking at the next chapter in their lives and careers.


For this reason, this issue speaks to dreams, projects, rights, and tackles the daily lives of each individual portrayed by photographers, creatives and talents. This issue makes ODDA feel a part of their universe and creative aura.


For the very first time since ODDA launched, back in 2012, ODDA has featured a single protagonist on all three covers. The iconic actress, soul and forever young Sigourney Weaver.


To us, Weaver is the best example of what LOOKING FORWARD means.


Mrs. Weaver represents many of the ODDA codes with an untouchable career that has been alive for decades. In this time, she has transported millions of cinematic fans into other worlds. A different sense between what is real and what is not, but always keeps the door open to the motto, ‘nothing is impossible!’


What about emerging talents?  We spend time with  Kim Petras



and Børns. Two examples of new brooms in the music scene who are thriving by leaps and bounds with a growing fan-base. They each have a beautiful curiosity and eagerness for the future.


Germain Louvet, Hugo Marchand and Rhys Kosakowski por-tray our culture through dance. They connect fashion with their own personality in an exploration for what is to come.


Another more controversial side of the culture we are exploring in our Looking Forward issue is the porn-erotism cinema and their actors in an attempt to break barriers existing sex and fashion to normalize such a taboo subject we all engage in. We spent a day a part of the CockyBoys crew with Levi Karter, Troy Accola, Ben Masters and Cory Kane in a loft in NYC with an ultimate goal: capturing an insight into their personalities for the issue.


Of course, these names are just a sample of what ODDA is yet to come in this exciting issue. Giambattista Valli, Stefano Gabbana & Domenico Dolce, Jaume Plensa, Simon Porte Jacquemus, Ambush Yoon, Corey Grant Tippin, Alexis del Lago, Gabriela Hearst, Alan Crocetti, Hannah Shrimps, Simone Rocha, Sam Clemmett, Frank Herfort, Marco de Vincenzo or Azealia Banks are only a few names featured among the 656 pages comprising the volume. A range of personalities captured through the over 55 editorial pieces representing fashion, culture, the future and ODDA 15, Looking Forward.


This season, a special MINI-BOOK in collaboration with Jonathan Anderson and his brand, JW Anderson, explores the F/W 2018-19 womenswear and menswear collections as they break taboos on gender and speak to freedom through the notion of “being yourself”


Keep your eyes open and be happy.


Peace and welcome!




ODDA MAGAZINE is a bi-annual, contemporary fashion and culture magazine based in New York and founded by current Creative Director and Editor in Chief David Martin in April 2012.


By speaking out for creatives, artists, philanthropists, gallerists, actors and actresses, models, and people who participate in and nourish culture from an active perspective, ODDA is a platform where self-expression, imagination and dreams are brought to the next level. By discovering new meanings to those feelings, the magazine is also strictly connected to everything that brings excitement and passion. Starting from its very first issue, ODDA was published in the form of a hard-copy magazine by ODDA Ltd., a private media group.


Its editorial line, from the beginning and through the years, portrays menswear and womenswear collections, trends as

well as individual creative minds. Every themed issue reflects a statement which shapes all the contents comprised inside every volume. ODDA magazine keeps alive its fascination for strong personalities; people with character and, last but not least, its excitement for the new wave of designers, creatives and talents who are changing the cultural scenario worldwide.


Issue by issue, ODDA aims to connect the simple touch of fashion with the innovation taking place on a daily basis and a new and striking approach to trends, messages and meanings the industry creates day by day.


The new concept of fashion and what people like to wear is and will always be a matter of tastes, that is why the magazine is fully involved in the fact of reaching out as many as possible in order to give fashion a universal meaning.









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