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ODDA Magazine's 14th issue QUEEN BE

available worldwide at Newsstand.co.uk.

With six covers, ODDA 14 features Kim Kardashian West in total Fendi shot by Sita Abellán, Sharon Stone in Mulberry shot by Cameron Postforoosh, Valentina Sampaio in total Versace shot by Diego Villarreal,  Jordan Barret  in a semi-nude  shot  by

Alana O’ Herlihy, Arjen Talsma & Valery Kaufman in Prada shot by Raúl Hidalgo, and finally Dakota Lohan in Faith Connexion shot by his sister Lindsay Lohan.




ODDA 14 QUEEN BE, our 6th-year issue, speaks to WHO you are ... the power of 'BE(ing)’ yourself and not being afraid.


At first, many people might make a snap judgment about the “Queen Be” theme, thinking, wait ... I’m not a Queen. But that’s not the intention. Instead, what really matters here is the idea of being free, speaking your truth and being determined to remain authentic and honest with yourself and the world around you.


Along the journey, we spent time with Sharon Stone, the mythical sex symbol, actress, film producer, former fashion model and peace activist. As a cultural reference and a powerful woman in her own right, she fought against the many odds she’s faced. With her amazing smile, positive aura and the wonderful ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable, she’s dressed from head to toe in Mulberry captured by lenses of Cameron Postforoosh. Need we say more?


Here, we also spent quality time with Kim Kardashian West at her new house designed by Belgian architect Axel Vervoordt, where purity and serenity set the tone. Accompanying the interview is a impassioned editorial shot by Sita Abellán at the Houdini Estate in Los Angeles. Portrayed as a strong woman who’s self-confidence tells of a woman who’s determined to live without bounds reaching beyond the glare of the pubic spotlight, she shares her magical story in an intimate and exclusive conversation for ODDA wearing nothing but Fendi.

Throughout the rest of the issue, we follow Valentina Sampaio covered in Versace as she strolls around the old town of Anchuras de los Montes (Spain) with photographer Diego Villarreal. We see Jordan Barret in an artistic semi- nude shot by Alana O’ Herlihy, while Arjen Talsma & Valery Kaufman wear Prada captured by Raúl Hidalgo. And finally in NYC, new face Dakota Lohan is photographed by the lenses of actress and sister Lindsay Lohan as she takes to the camera for the very first time. For the interviews, we talk with photographer Bobby Grosman, filmmaker Bruce Labruce and artist Conrad Ventur. We even speak with dancer and choreographer Kevin Stea, photographer Michael O’ Brien and sculptor Xavier Corberó. And of course, many, many more. Each a symbol of strength, courage and determination, they highlight what it means to be the “Queen Be.”


With every turn of the 594 pages, boundaries are pushed and history is made. It’s an issue where fashion is a synonym for freedom. A freedom determined by nobody but you. An anecdote on WHO created your wears. With every stitch of the thread, it sews the fabric of our lives. Mindful of the world and everything in it, always remember to enjoy fashion as it is, live how you want and respect those around you. And be inspired by anything and everything you can!


Be a Queen Be!



ODDA Magazine is an intimate conduit between its readers and the myriad individuals who make up the global fashion industry. It is an edgy yet contemporary bi-annual publication for both men and women where fashion's diverse tastes and milieus are covered in an egalitarian manner, simultaneously representing the Zeitgeist; paying homage to the past and looking directly at the future on each glossy page.


Each edition is buoyed by a distinct and culturally pertinent theme, where we dedicate interviews, articles and editorials to

the  industry's creatives, artists and philanthropists and offer them a platform to re-interpret their vision and in effect allow our readers to dream, discover and ultimately develop their own creative instinct.


Finally, ODDA is a cultural and futuristic examination of how today's fashion will affect tomorrow's and pays heed to each individual who helps to reinvent and keep the wheel turning, while offering both visual and experiential content to all of those who want to remain cognizant and be INSPIRED.









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