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In this issue, "Mainstream World," we are proud to feature the memorable British fashion model, Adwoa Aboah, on all three covers. And don't forget to discover the stories of our other pro-

tagonists throughout the current issue as you pick up your copy of ODDA 16 on newsstands near you.




ODDA 16, MAINSTREAM WORLD - With feelings and inspirations as our fundamental concepts, we maintain past, present and future as perpetually connected notions. Today, we enter the Mainstream World by means of moving masses and with inspirations of what has been and what is yet to come. An incredible approach and rebellion of senses all together.


This issue of ODDA focuses on how mainstream can be anything and everything. Everyone has their own perception on what mainstream means, depending on their cultural background, education, friends and, as of late, social media. Portraying the emphasis on identity and freedom, mainstream is how YOU approach the world and what you do when you face it at the start of each new day.


Nevertheless, we believe that there are some people that can resonate with us at a deeper level and impact us, no matter where we live and regardless of race, creed or religion.


One of these people is Adwoa Aboah, who continually pushes boundaries with her beliefs and sense of justice. She represents the inhabitant of a Mainstream World, in which mainstream means moving masses by inspiring them and making them feel different sensations all at once.


Therefore, we are proud to feature the memorable Adwoa Aboah on all three covers, inviting you to discover the story of our other protagonists. She has evoked a sense of belonging to many women across the globe with her personal initiative. And she continually strives to turn her achievements in the fashion industry into something meaningful. With her determination to make a difference, Adwoa is an unstoppable force with the ability to move people in the right direction.


Within this issue, we celebrate those who inspire change and those who use their talent to reach their full potential. People who inspire

you to feel the  essence of your true self  through their  creations.



For instance, the music composed by Frédéric Sanchez can transport you to another world where you can let your mind be free. Since his first soundtrack for Maison Margiela in 1988, Mr. Sanchez now lends his gift to many others in the fashion, art and movie scene.


The SS19 season brought its many highlights, ranging from the Comme des Garçons Homme Plus show, with its amazing necklaces that resembled dog’s teeth, to Marco Panconesi’s stunning approach to jewelry and sensuality. With in between, Dsquared2 and their always playful innovation, Clare Waight Keller’s unique point of view of Givenchy, and the never-ending creative eye of Gucci’s Alessandro Michele.


Of course, we also wanted to spend time in Los Angeles. A place that always opens its arms to us and let us embrace the new wave of Hollywood singers and tastemakers such as Noah Cyrus and singer Saweetie. But also those that we have come to cherish over the years like Carmen Electra with her timeless beauty and the iconic James Goldstein.


A special feature includes the ‘Sons of LA’, in which past and future blends in the story of ‘celebrity-kids’ such as Dylan Jagger Lee, Kailand Morris and Miles Richie. They talk about what their dreams and aspirations mean to them and how they are trying to find their own voice. All to pave the way for the next generation.


These names of talented individuals who provide a fresh approach, step forward, inspire and make dreams happen are just a few examples to explore in the 576 pages that comprise this volume of ODDA 16 Mainstream World.


Keep your eyes open and be happy.


Peace and welcome!





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