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Pre-order is available worldwide for ODDA Magazine's latest issue, ‘ICONS’, on the website from 21 September 2015. The ninth issue features six covers: Lucky B. Smith, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Pamela Anderson, Kate B., and models Marlon Teixeira, Edward Wilding, & Jordan Barrett.

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Dedicated to fashion, culture, and art visionaries from past and present, this issue revels in the wonder of the Icon. Beyond a point of reference, an Icon is vital to the ebb and flow of popular culture, shifting the tides into social collectives as infamous as they are. Drawing inspiration from the sketchbooks designers fill with drawings, photographs, and notes, ODDA 9 ‘ICONS’ is an experimental scrapbook of art, film, design, architecture, and style at their most legendary.

This issue contains more than 45 interviews, including Claudia Schiffer, Jean Paul Gaultier,​ Giles Deacon, Ladyfag, Xavier Dolan, Anna Molinari, Etienne Russo, and Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy on their breakup and new show. Editorials span the universes of Prada, Alaia Essence, Valentino Haute Couture, the Spice Girls and their iconic 90s style, and the archives of Jean Paul Gaultier. Special features include Caroline Vreeland, Linda Ramone, and Farida Khelfa as they discuss their illustrious careers.


I remember with startling clarity when my love affair with fashion began. A number of books and journals had fallen into my possession; each of them elaborately filled with fashion sketches by designers. I was enraptured by the identities each representation brought to life; revealing each individual couturier’s signature aesthetic, style and formative process. It was at this point that I realised how these beautifully simple sketches had served their part in the evolution of style within us all.

By the outset of my career, I found myself collating information together in the spirit of those volumes. Photographs, notes, snippets of daily life were all saved by myself; and upon looking back on them, I can see how my life in this time has been documented. These deceptively small fragments of daily life bely their ability to contain clues as to how I have grown up in a world that continues to move at a rapid pace; my influences, experimentations and encounters so clearly influenced by my surroundings. I had already began to write my own narrative without even realising, and perhaps in some way charted my future through an assemblage of inspirations and references.

When we began to plan this issue we decided to dedicate the Fall / Winter 2015 season to ICONS from Fashion, Culture, Art and other spheres. In Fashion, just as in those books of fashion sketches and my collections of notes, I notice how pervasive the icon is to the journey of finding our identities. An Icon is not merely an individual who is a point of reference for us however, they have been, and continue to be instrumental in the ebb and flow of culture creating movements as infamous as they are. They invade the scrapbooks of those in the fashion and art industries, and serve as muses that somehow have an afinity to be recodified and reinvigorated into the unlikeliest of forms. This issue is an homage to a life that has quite literally been moved by the power of the humble scrapbook, and the legendary creatives who continue to set our imaginations ablaze.

Many of those featured in our ninth issue are people I have accompanied ODDA magazine during its expedition through the world of fashion previously, whilst others are those who happened by some way or another to end up in my personal scrapbook of life. I hope that this issue and its stories of great luminaries of the creative world within will inspire you on your trajectories to success, and perhaps even persuade you to create your own physical mementos of experience. Discover yourself through our 496 pages, and oh...feel free to take some notes!

David Martin

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