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ODDA Magazine's 13th issue MAJOR

available worldwide at Newsstand.co.uk.

With nine covers, ODDA 13  features Meghan Collision in YSL  shot by Alexander Saladriga, Mingus Lucien Reedus in  Calvin Klein shot by Helena Christensen, Vanessa Moody  in  Versace  shot by Diego Villarreal,  Davy Swart in Fendi by  Alva

Galim,  a  naked Grace  Hartzel  shot  by  Rebeckah  Kampbell, Molly Blair in GCDS by Takahito Sasaki, Estella Boersma in Prada by Alva Galim, Odette Pavlova in Balenziaga by Hugo Comte and Marjan Jonkman in Miu Miu by Alva Galim.




ODDA 13 MAJOR speaks to ’THAT’ strong thing inside of you representing that moment of “NOW” when you feel it. At all levels, it’s a sense for creating and exploring ideas. Together, these ideas create a golden touch we call MAJOR. Present in everything around us, it ranges from our daily Starbucks coffee’s, through to the time we spend strolling around the cities we stay in. It even encompasses the memes we see on Instagram as they foster the amazing moment of “NOW” we live in. It’s a moment where celebrities don’t care about sexuality or provocation, but instead, freely express their ideologies connecting with not just their fans, but the whole of humanity.


Throughout the issue, we visit with several personalities including Meghan Collison who appears in a Saint Laurent special shot in NY dawning jaw-dropping collection looks. Then, new face Mingus L. Reedus is photographed by the lenses of top model and mother Helena Christensen for a shoot in Copenhagen. Next, Vanessa Moody in Versace strolls around NY, while Davy Swart appears as a bizarre Don Quixote in our Fendi special shot in La Mancha, Spain. We see Grace Hartzel get naked in an editorial entitled "Silicone Valley,” while Molly Bair shares with us her model diet. We feature Estella Boersma in a Prada exclusive singing Karaoke in Paris, eventually taking us to China. Then, Odette Pavlova appears in an 80s inspired editorial called “You Drive Me Crazy.” And finally, Marjan Jonkman joins us in Paris, sharing with us her obsession with cats. For the interviews, we talk with Zac

Posen, Philippe Starck, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen and many more. Each a part of a commonwealth of knowledge, they give reference to a strong connection between past and present.


With every turn of the 576 pages, new identities are discovered. It’s an issue where being yourself is encouraged. One where the onlookers are observing your next steps and the next steps of the intricate characters within the perfectly-bound quarterly. When you flip through the pages, understand that there’s a strong connection amongst a citizenry of talent coming from different decades, minds and intellectual approaches. Reaching deep into the creative collective, it’s one that promises a commonality among them, while at the same time illustrating their differences. A lively collection of interviews mixed with cunning and provocative photo spreads, it’s something to feast your eyes on.


In Spanish we call it ¡ÉXITOS! And we’d like you to share it with us!


WARNING: Also included in the issue is a first edition, special mini-book entitled LÓFASZ. With seductive pictures of models in precarious poses doing naughty things, the 24-page librito reminds us that lust’s passion will be served as it demands, militates and tyrannizes. An exercise in absolute power, it intrigues the mind and stimulates the soul. So if you dare, always remember - be good or don’t get caught!



ODDA Magazine is an intimate conduit between its readers and the myriad individuals who make up the global fashion industry. It is an edgy yet contemporary bi-annual publication for both men and women where fashion's diverse tastes and milieus are covered in an egalitarian manner, simultaneously representing the Zeitgeist; paying homage to the past and looking directly at the future on each glossy page.


Each edition is buoyed by a distinct and culturally pertinent theme, where we dedicate interviews, articles and editorials to

the  industry's creatives, artists and philanthropists and offer them a platform to re-interpret their vision and in effect allow our readers to dream, discover and ultimately develop their own creative instinct.


Finally, ODDA is a cultural and futuristic examination of how today's fashion will affect tomorrow's and pays heed to each individual who helps to reinvent and keep the wheel turning, while offering both visual and experiential content to all of those who want to remain cognizant and be INSPIRED.









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